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Success Stories

Below are some of the projects that SEDA-COG Local Development Corporation has been able to impact through the SBA 504 program:


Nigam Bhavsar formed Dattam Hospitality, LLC for the purpose of owning and operating a family-owned motel located at 3202 West 26th Street in Erie, PA.  SEDA-COG Local Development Corporation assisted Dattam Hospitality, LLC with a $281,700 SBA 504 loan and a $60,000 SEDA-COG TEAM loan for the acquisition of land, building, and FF&E of the Glass House Inn.  The motel is a 30-room exterior door property with an outdoor pool.  The current owners were ready to retire after owning the property for 31 years.  Nigam and his family moved from Connecticut to Pennsylvania to embark on this new endeavor.

The SEDA-COG TEAM loan was used toward the FF&E acquisition, while the SBA 504 loan was utilized for real estate acquisition.  Mr. Bhavsar realized the benefits that SEDA-COG had to offer and partnered with Northwest Bank for the project.

The SBA 504 loan program offered a 20-year fixed rate low interest loan.  The SEDA-COG TEAM loan also had a low fixed rate and was available for the partial equity injection into the project.  The additional equity injection came from borrower cash.

John Reichard, SEDA-COG Senior Relationship Manager, worked closely with Mr. Bhavsar to bring this financing package to fruition with the assistance of Paul Kruszewski, Business Banker at Northwest Bank, Erie, PA.

The motel has had several updates in the past couple of years including new carpeting, new mattresses, upgrading to 32-inch TVs in each room, and free Wi-fi.  The Glass House Inn also has a well-maintained outdoor pool.

The hotel expects to create 2 full-time jobs as a result of the project.

When asking Nigam about his experience with SEDA-COG he said, "Everyone at SEDA-COG was very responsive and professional when answering all of my questions.  John Reichard was very knowledgeable with the SBA 504 program and was able to walk me through the details of the program and all of the finance staff was very helpful."

For more information or to reserve a room, visit www.glasshouseinn.com.
SEDA-COG assisted Happy Holiday, LLC with a $2,550,000 SBA 504 loan and a $250,000 SEDA-COG TEAM loan for the construction of their 4-story, 83-room Holiday Inn Express & Suites hotel located at 30 Happy Valley Drive, Reedsville, Mifflin County, PA.  The hotel is situated just off Route 322 between State College and Lewistown.  Ajit Smith and Mehul Patel realized the benefits that SEDA-COG had to offer and partnered with Kish Bank for the total project.

The SBA 504 loan program offered the borrower a 20-year, low interest, fixed rate and the SEDA-COG TEAM loan was available for the partial equity injection into the project, also with a great low fixed interest rate. The equity injection came from the land that was purchased in 2015 for the hotel construction.

John Reichard, SEDA-COG senior relationship manager, with the assistance of Seth Napikoski, Assistant Vice President and Commercial Relationship Manager of Kish Bank, Belleville, PA, worked with Mr. Smith and Mr. Patel to bring this financing package to fruition for the total project.

The hotel features a heated indoor pool, fitness room, and 2 meeting spaces. Breakfast is complimentary and includes hot Cinnabon buns, variety of eggs, hot waffles & pancakes, and hot meats.  The Holiday Inn Express flag is considered an upper-mid scale hotel in terms of amenities and price point.

The hotel expects to create 27 full-time equivalent jobs as a result of the project.

Dip Smith, Ajit's son, who worked closely with SEDA-COG on the financing says, "Working with SEDA COG was a great experience.  Locking in a 20-year fixed rate was the best part. The SEDA COG team was very helpful with collecting documents and preparing for settlement quickly."

According to Seth Napikoski, "Kish Bank was proud to partner in the Holiday Inn Express & Suites construction project with SEDA-COG and we hope to continue to work together on locally stimulating projects in the future."

  10X Fitness, LLC, located in Mountain Top, Luzerne County, PA, was conceived in 2016, as Dan and Danny Cronauer, father and son, who have historically been entrepreneurs in their own right, had perceived a need for a fitness facility that had flexible hours and was also relatively affordable for the community.

The Mountain Top area had long been without a fitness center presence, and because of the location of Mountain Top, travel to fitness centers in nearby areas such as Kingston and Wilkes-Barre could be perilous, most especially in the winter months.  The Cronauers communicated with local lenders as well as SEDA-COG to articulate their plans and financing needs, and through the efforts of SEDA-COG staff, were presented with a financing structure that made the construction of the facility realistic yet also enables the repayment of debt obligations to be palatable.  This was especially appreciated given the start-up nature of the gym operation.

SEDA-COG assisted the Cronauers in obtaining a $201,250 SBA 504 loan for 20 years with an interest rate close to Prime fixed for the life of the loan.  The Fidelity Deposit and Discount Bank partnered in the financing of the building construction project that only required the Cronauers to provide 15% down for their start-up business.

According to Danny Cronauer, "The SEDA-COG staff was wonderful to work with.  They responded quickly and were friendly.  What was really appreciated was how they utilized their partnerships with other economic development operations, namely the Wilkes SBDC, to facilitate a loan closing that was expedited.  We are thankful to the SEDA-COG staff as our operation likely would not have been possible without the programs they administer and the connections they have fostered over the years."

For more information on 10X Fitness, visit www.10xfitness.com or call (570) 261-3036.

One year into owning the Bull Run Tap House, Braden Klinger is thrilled with how business is growing.  Sales have increased by almost 30 percent. They’ve grown from 23 employees to almost 40.  And, they’re working to expand their menu. While burgers and sandwiches are their current best features, they’re looking to add more salads, steaks, seafood, and pasta.  The additions that will make it to the menu must pass the litmus test of fitting into their menu and environment, represents them well, expedient and efficient execution – and positive guest feedback.

“We’ve played around with different specials over the past few months, and if they pass that test, they’ll make the menu,” Klinger said.

After 30 years in the restaurant business, he believes in some key approaches to make it successful.

“You need to have a fresh food product that is value driven in a friendly, knowledgeable, and clean environment,” he said. “Our food is something we can hang our hat on. Plus, our location in the heart of downtown Lewisburg at 605 Market St. is great.”

SEDA-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG) and Citizens & Northern Bank of Williamsport are proud partners of the project, helping Klinger to purchase the restaurant. SEDA-COG provided a $360,500 Small Business Administration 504 loan and a $77,250 TEAM loan to support the project.

SEDA-COG’s loans and assistance empowered Klinger to structure the financing how he wanted it, and gave him low interest rates.

“Having the SBA 504 loan commitment early on put me in the driver’s seat so I could pick other financing that would fit me the best without looking for outside investors. It helped me maintain control of the process and my business,” Klinger said. “And with the bank in the first seat and SEDA-COG in the second seat (subordinate position), it put the bank in a more advantageous spot, so they’re more likely to invest in a high-risk venture with a restaurant.”

As a first-time business owner, SEDA-COG’s Business Finance staff and his banker helped him work through “all the sticky wickets of the ownership piece of it,” he said.

“They made me take a hard look at my projections and profit to see if they made sense from a sales and bottom-line perspective. They challenged me to make sure my numbers were realistic. I actually renegotiated the price with the seller three times as a result.

“Long term, they set me up for success. And as we’re getting to complete our first trip around the sun, as I call it, we’re okay,” Klinger said.

Halle Niklaus, commercial loan sales officer of Citizen & Northern, said SBA 504 loans help entrepreneurs reach their goals.

“I teamed up with SEDA-COG to create a financing package effectively mitigating the risk associated with the financing and reducing the cash injection required of the borrower. SEDA-COG’s senior relationship manager, John Reichard, is professional and very knowledgeable, employing a desire to customize and create an effective financing package. Due to the expertise of John and the staff at SEDA-COG, my borrower was able to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams,” Niklaus said. 

Klinger is a Julian native who graduated in 1987 from Penn State University with a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management. Klinger’s three decades of experience in the restaurant business includes overseeing eight restaurants for New England Restaurant Corporation, being district manager and then joint venture partner with Panera Bread, the area director for Ovation Brands for seven locations, and most recently, the director of operations, personnel and training for JDK Management Co. at three locations.

Finally, Klinger decided it was time to “put my money where my mouth was and do it myself.”

Owning the Bull Run Tap House is “extremely personal” to him and he’s enjoying every day. “But I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have all those stops along the way. I learned something from each,” he said.

His favorite part is the same as it’s been from day one: variety. “I get to wear a million different hats throughout the course of my day, from business owner to marketing, coaching team members, and helping guide them through life. There’s no routine and there’s constant stimuli to keep you engaged,” Klinger said.

Klinger plans to focus on this location and do it well. They also cater with a menu tailored for the event.

For more information visit www.thebullruntaphouse.com.

SEDA-COG assisted Home D Pizzeria with a $688,000 SBA 504 loan which was used to expand and renovate the 1820 S. Atherton St., State College, PA location.  This project added and additional 1200 sq. ft. to the building which significantly increased seating capacity with a new dining room and bar.  Behind that is a beautiful stone patio area with seating, fire pits, and fireplace.  The entire kitchen area was expanded and upgraded with state of the art equipment.  SEDA-COG also assisted with a $386,000 SBA 504 Loan which helped purchase equipment and renovate space to create the Robin Hood Brewing Co.  Their new micro-brewery operation is located at 1796 Zion Road in Bellefonte, PA and has been brewing for over a year.

In 1952, Frank “Fritz” DeFluri returned from the Korean War to finish his business degree at Penn State.  The GI bill paid for his tuition but the former Navy Lieutenant Commander needed to support his family while attending college. Mr. DeFluri wanted to put his Italian heritage to work, making pizza for the local townspeople and convinced his wife to turn their back porch into a pizza oven.  Home Delivery Pizza was created on a back porch on Pugh Street.  Frank and his brother Art ran the business for 35 years.  The restaurant eventually closed until Art’s son and Frank’s son, Richard DeFluri, reopened at the present location on South Atherton Street. The restaurant has undergone many changes over the years to become what it is today; Home D Pizzeria and the Robin Hood Brewing Company.

For more information visit www.homedpizzeria.com and www.robinhoodbrewingco.com.

SEDA-COG assisted Lavern and Jewel Peachey with an SBA 504 loan for their business Coffee Run Heat Treating, LLC.  Additional financing was provided by MCS Bank of Lewistown.  The funds enabled the borrowers to construct a 26,625 square foot manufacturing facility on their existing property to house their pallet treating business. Wooden pallets are heat treated for the purpose of eradicating any bugs, mold or mildew that may be present on the pallets. Pallets shipped overseas and those used for pharmaceutical or food distribution are generally required to be heat treated. The borrowers do not ship pallets overseas, but do treat them for their customers that may do so.


Lavern and Jewel Peachey currently own Coffee Run Trucking, LLC that they started in 2006.  This project was an addition to their basic trucking operation and they will continue to serve the same industry and customers as they have for the past eight years throughout Mifflin County and surrounding areas.


Lavern C. Peachey, Operations Manager, has been a truck driver for 11 years and Jewel A. Peachey is actively involved in the business as the Office Manager.


The Peachey's also received funding from the SEDA-COG Telecommunications, Equity, and Marcellus Shale (TEAM) loan program toward the project, which funded in July 2012.


According to Jewel, "We would not have been able to secure financing without SEDA-COG and the SBA".


For more information about Coffee Run Heat Treating, LLC or Coffee Run Trucking, LLC please give them a call at 717-667-9308 or email them at coffeerunbiz@embarqmail.com.

SEDA-COG provided Complete Automotive Repair & Service, LLC, with a $251,200 SBA 504 loan to purchase commercial real estate located at 470 Allegheny Drive, York Township to relocate their existing business located in York, York County, PA.  This loan enabled them to expand their business with a larger building and additional bays.  As a result, they will be able to hire additional employees and increase revenue in the future.

Complete Automotive Repair & Service, LLC, was started by Mark and Susan Ditt in 2006.  Mark has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years.  Mark manages the shop and the day to day operations while Susan serves as the office manager.  Susan is a certified Pennsylvania emissions inspector and Mark is both a certified emissions inspector as well as a licensed safety inspector.

According to Susan Ditt, Owner of Complete Automotive, “Our experience with SEDA-COG and everyone within the organization has been wonderful. In particular, we found Tim Kishbach to be extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible.  His attention to detail was second to none.” 

For more information about Complete Automotive Repair & Service, LLC, please give them a call at 717-845-2277.

SEDA-COG provided H. R. Weaver Family Realty, L.P. and On the Ice, Inc., with a $490,000 SBA 504 loan to assist in expanding their existing public ice skating rink located in South Londonderry Township, Lebanon County, PA.  Members 1st Credit Union partnered with them on the project.


On the Ice, Inc. (dba) Klick Lewis Arena, is an ice skating rink that offers ice hockey, figure skating and learn-to-skate programs.  There was a demand for an ice rink in the Palmyra/Annville area for high schools offering winter sports.  This ice arena is within 20 minutes of each high school and all of the schools currently use ice time at the facility.   Lebanon Valley also provides trainers and coaches for the facility and also run the camps that are offered.  Area families and schools utilize the ice facility for activities which range from recreational skating and classes to competitive hockey and figure skating programs.


The company currently owns and operates a successful all-sports facility located in Flightpath Park, which is the fastest growing sports park in Central PA. The park contains fields for soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, and field hockey. There is a gymnastic center, a dance studio, a basketball training facility, a baseball academy, a power training facility, and a birthday party facility. Coming in 2014, is the local library along with a volleyball/tennis/rollerblade facility. There are four lots left in this 100 acre park to add some other sports venues and the owners are saving a 10 acre tract for a hotel /restaurant complex.


According to Harold Weaver, CEO/Founder, "Working with Tim Kishbach and his staff made the loan process and paperwork run smoothly. Their expert knowledge in gathering all the info for the loan was a great help to us. Also, to have a long term loan with a low interest rate, will help us to grow our business for years to come."


For more information about On the Ice, Inc., visit their website, www.klicklewisarena.com, or give them a call at (717) 685-1401.

SEDA-COG provided Kightlinger Motors, Inc. with a $580,000 SBA 504 loan to purchase a 30,560 square foot retail showroom and garage on approximately 8.78 acres of land located in Coudersport, Potter County.  This loan enabled them to purchase the property that presently houses their retail auto sales and maintenance repair business. 


Kightlinger Motors, started by Dan Kightlinger, Sr., has been a family owned business since 1978.  His sons Joseph and Daniel Jr. took over the family business in 1997.


The dealership sells Chevrolets, Buicks, GMC, and Ford products as well as certified used vehicles in the Northeast.  The dealership, along with its 30-bay service department, also offers complete body repairs, parts/accessories, 24-hour towing, and daily renal cars.  They are a Pennsylvania State certified Co-Stars Dealership for both General Motors and Ford.


According to Joe Kightlinger, "SEDA-COG was very easy to work with.  They initially gave me a workbook to look over so I knew what to expect, then they would simply e-mail me a hit list that I would work on until complete!"


For more information on Kightlinger Motors, visit their website, or give Joe a call at (800) 477-5277.


SEDA-COG provided Creative Plantscapes with a $320,000 SBA 504 loan to construct a new facility for their landscaping design and installation company in Lewisburg, Union County. M&T Bank partnered with SEDA-COG on the $800,000 project. 

Creative Plantscapes was formed in 1989 and serves all of Central PA. They provide a wide range of landscaping services and products including: residential and commercial landscaping, custom landscape design & build, lawn preparation and hydroseeding, ponds, streams & waterfalls, surface water management, irrigation systems, decks, natural pools & swimming holes, patios, walls, fire pits & fireplaces, pool houses, pavilions & gazebos, fencing, environmental lighting, and outdoor kitchens.

They currently employ nearly 40 highly trained, professional people. From design to implementation, you will experience the difference their people and quality products can make on your project. They offer a standard 2-year guarantee and optional lifetime guarantee.

According to Mike Derk, owner of Creative Plantscapes, "If it were not for the SBA loan SEDA-COG secured for our company, this project would have been much more difficult to complete. A real professional company, very helpful."

For more information about Creative Plantscapes, visit their website or give them a call at (570) 523-4949.


SEDA-COG provided VR Hospitality, LLC with a $2,168,000 SBA 504 loan to construct a new LaQuinta Inn & Suites in Harrisburg, Dauphin County. Centric Bank partnered with SEDA-COG on the $6,196,000 project.

The LaQuinta Inn & Suites features 81 rooms, an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, meeting facilities, convenience store, and free high-speed Internet service.

According to Raj Parekh, co-owner of VR Hospitality, "It was a very pleasant experience with SEDA-COG. Their team helped us throughout the project. The best part about SEDA-COG is they are always available to help and make sure the process goes smooth. I'm very happy."

For more information about the LaQuinta Inn & Suites in Harrisburg, visit their website or give them a call at (717) 566-7666.


SEDA-COG provided Jr's Quality Tile & Hardwood with an SBA 504 loan to purchase a 10,000 square foot commercial building located on 1.67 acres of land located at 2041 General Potter Highway, Centre Hall, Centre County, PA that the business was previously leasing for its operations. 

Jr's Quality Tile started as an installation company in 1988. They have grown to become a design center for interior surfaces for homes and businesses. They offer floor coverings, counter tops, cabinets, lighting, plumbing, glass shower doors, etc. They treat every project as it was their own.

According to Fred McClellan Jr, the owner of Jr's Quality Tile & Hardwood, "The people at SEDA-COG are very nice to work with and answered my questions promptly. They provided the funding we needed to keep my vision alive and secure our facility."

For more information about Jr's Quality Tile & Hardwood, visit their website or give them a call at (814) 364-9570.


SEDA-COG provided Dr. Joseph O'Donnell a $52,800 SBA 504 loan to assist him with the acquisition of real estate he was previously leasing for his chiropractic business. York Traditions Bank, borrower cash, and seller financing were also involved in the transaction.       

The O'Donnell Center is the Future of Health Care...Now. It features two dynamics of non-surgical structural health care: Chiropractic Pain Relief...The CPR for Pain Care and Tune-Up Care to keep the pain away and BrainCore Therapy of Greater York, a drug-free exercise and training for the brain utilizing the brain's neuroplascity to help regulate the production of the key brain-waives that are essential for normal life functions.

According to Dr. O'Donnell, "the process was very detailed and thorough. A lot of information is necessary, so a lot of time was needed to gather all the documentation. In the end though, a great interest rate was obtained."

For more information on The O'Donnell Center, you can give them a call at (717) 767-4101.


SEDA-COG provided Dianna Sauder with a $182,000 SBA 504 loan to assist with the purchase of the business, Lilla's Bridal Boutique in York, York County, from her mother, Lilla Russo. York Traditions Bank and money from the borrower completed the financing for the project.

Lilla's Bridal Boutique carries an elegant collection of wedding gowns, bridesmaid apparel, and young and sophisticated mother of the bride dresses. In addition, they carry special occasion gowns that include pageant, holiday, prom and homecoming gowns that are sure to get attention! Tuxedo rentals are available also.

For nearly three decades, Lilla's Bridal Boutique has provided warm hospitality with years of experience to provide each and every bride exceptional customer service. This is the story of Lilla's Bridal Boutique for three generations. Lilla's consultants personally take time with each bride selecting the dress of their dreams and for the entire bridal party.

Each bride is one of a kind... and so is Lilla's. The expertise lies in the hearts of the most professional staff ...a staff dedicated to fulfill every wish. Lilla's professional bridal consultants understand each brides individuality - with listening ears, a sharp sense of style, and a vision of perfection - they guide each bride to their perfect gown for their memorable day.

Lilla's has been assisting brides with their gowns since 1985 and take pride in giving personalized service to every customer.

According to Dianne, "I was so happy to obtain a loan in order to purchase the bridal boutique. SEDA-COG and their representatives were very helpful throughout the entire process. In addition, I was happy to learn in the end the interest rate I had obtained was the lowest it had been since the 1980's. I appreciate the time and hard work that SEDA-COG put into executing the business loan. In addition, I appreciated that they trusted me and my expertise in securing and closing the loan. SEDA-COG was a pleasure to work with."

For more information on Lilla's Bridal Boutique, visit their website, www.lillasbridalboutique.com, or give Dianne a call at (717) 757-6788.            


SEDA-COG provided T-M-T Contracting with a $451,500 SBA 504 loan to assist with the purchase of crushing equipment they were currently leasing. In addition to the SEDA-COG loan, financing for the purchase included M&T Bank and borrower's equity.

T-M-T Gravel & Contracting, Inc. was incorporated in May of 2010. Quarry operations were in full swing by October of 2010. T-M-T now employs 15 full-time employees and has produced more than 1 million tons of crushed aggregate. T-M-T serves a variety of customers including residential, commercial, Marcellus gas industry, local municipalities and private contractors. T-M-T's success can be attributed to employee dedication and a management team that strives to provide safe and productive operations to meet all of our customers' requirements.

According to Charlton (Chuck) Dygert, President of T-M-T, "Working with M&T Bank and SEDA-COG shows us that these agencies are watching out for the tax payers' dollars. Both staffs are highly professional and easy to work with. The financial and legal paperwork is extremely detailed and sometimes you think that it is overkill. However, in the end you can see why these documents are necessary."

For more information on T-M-T Gravel & Contracting, give Chuck a call at (570) 537-2647 or visit their website at www.tmtgravel.com.            


SEDA-COG provided Robin and Randal Naylor and CR Naylor, Inc., dba North Ridge Center with a $457,800 SBA 504 loan and a $98,100 USDA IRP loan to assist with the purchase of an existing long term care facility. In addition to the SEDA-COG loans, financing for the purchase included M&T Bank and borrower's equity.

North Ridge Center is a 24-bed assisted living facility located in McAlisterville, Juniata County, PA. Craig and Tina Zendt, the original owners, started the business in May, 2000. The assisted living concept emerged in the early 1990s as an eldercare alternative to the institutional setting often found in skilled nursing facilities at the time. This type of care is for senior citizens for whom independent living is no longer appropriate, but who do not require the 24-hour medical care provided by a nursing home. Assisted living is a philosophy of care and services promoting independence and dignity.

Robin Naylor was originally hired in January of 2006 as the administrative assistant to the administrator, and in July of 2006 she was designated as the assistant administrator. In March of this year she was promoted to the position of co-administrator.

According to Robin, SEDA-COG was "very helpful and pleasant to work with" throughout the entire loan process.

For more information on North Ridge Center give Robin a call at (717) 463-3413.   


SEDA-COG provided Turkey Hill Brewing Company Pub & Grille, located in Bloomsburg, Columbia County, PA, with a $680,000 SBA 504 loan and a $170,000 Small Business First loan to convert an 8,100 square foot barn that is located next to the owner's full service restaurant and 23 room Inn.

Turkey Hill Brewing Company Pub & Grille is a 140 seat brew pub/restaurant specializing in craft beer brewed on site and casual dining in a unique atmosphere of a renovated 1839 Pennsylvania bank barn. The Pub & Grille celebrates the arts with live music and local artist displays and is open daily at 4:00pm. A calendar of upcoming events can be found at www.turkeyhillbrewing.com. The Pub & Grille has been a welcomed addition to The Inn at Turkey Hill, which has been in operation since 1984, offering award-winning cuisine and lodging. The diversity of craft beer and casual dining paired with premium lodging and fine dining has become somewhat of a local destination for families, groups, and corporate clientele alike.

According to Owner Andrew Pruden, "Given the economic climate and uncertainty at the time of inception, SEDA-COG as well as the dedicated departments at First Columbia Bank & Trust, were an integral part in the beginning and overall completion of this project. Long term, low interest rate loans will insure the longevity and viability of this venture to prosper. A special thank-you to Tim Kishbach for his dedication to the project and his assistance in developing a realistic business plan and proforma. Also, our gratitude to Stacy and Tina for keeping us on task with the requirements needed."

For more information on the Turkey Hill Brewing Company Pub & Grille, visit their website or give them a call at (570) 387-8422.            


SEDA-COG provided Canon Hospitality, LLC, operators of the Holiday Inn Express in New Columbia, PA, with a $1,155,000 SBA 504 loan to purchase the hotel and make renovations to the property.

Canon Hospitality started in 2010 as an affiliate of Priya Realty Corp., formed in 1995.

The company was started by Jagdish Patel, a seasoned hotelier with close to 20 years of hotel operations experience, and now is led by his son Canon Patel. Jagdish has been involved in about a half dozen hotel projects with various levels of involvement from management to acquisition and repositioning. Jagdish's intuition has been second to none and is supported by an extensive network of business associates who have guided him to achieving his goals. Canon joined the 'family business' of hotel operation in early 2006 while earning his Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Delaware. Canon's focus with the company is mainly with operation, valuation, and opportunity evaluations. Recently Canon has led the turnaround of the Holiday Inn Express in Lewisburg, PA. Canon Hospitality's long term goals are to build a portfolio of strong core hotel assets.

According to Canon, "Overall, working with SEDA-COG has been a true pleasure. Every step of the way a consultant was available to answer our questions and take an interest in our individual deal. We experienced that SEDA-COG's thorough underwriting procedure helped with the approval process and ensured the SBA had everything they would need to review our transaction. Personally, I would like to thank Mr. John Reichard, Director of Finance Programs, for his extensive knowledge of SBA products and the application of those products to our business model."

For more information on the Holiday Inn Express in New Columbia, including photos of the hotel, visit their website or give them a call at (570) 568-1100.            


SEDA-COG provided Geesey, Inc., operators of the Cape Horn Country home and garden store in Red Lion, PA, with a $289,000 SBA 504 loan to purchase a second location on West Market Street in York, PA. A loan from Metro Bank and borrower cash provided the remaining financing for the project.

Geesey, Inc., operates a small family garden center in Red Lion, PA. An opportunity to open an additional facility in 2010 allowed them to expand their business. The company now operates a facility in West York as well and has been able to better serve the two communities with combined purchasing and sharing of inventory. This growth has sustained and created many local jobs and also has an impact on the local communities as a majority of their inventory is purchased locally.

According to Benjamin Geesey, President of Geesey, Inc., "The 50/40/10 loan was the only reason we were able to expand our business. This loan helps people that have a successful business model but find themselves short of the capital needed to get started. SEDA-COG was helpful from start to finish and is very experienced in putting everything together."

For more information on Cape Horn Country, visit their website or give them a call at (717) 246-3778.